How To: DIY Bridal Shower Invitations


Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Invitations!

By: Katie Shelton


Microsoft Word



White Cardstock

Glitter Craft Paper

White Tulle

White 3/8 in. Satin ribbon (9.5 mm)

Glue Stick

Hot Glue Gun

Begin with two columns in a Microsoft Word document and type up exactly what you would like your invitation to say making it identical on both sides. You want to be sure you have your text as closely to the bottom of the page as you can so that you have room at the top of the invitation.

This is what it should look like printed onto the white cardstock:

Next you want to flip the card over and draw a figure that looks similar to a dress making sure your text is centered on the opposite side. It may be easier to find an image online and print it out to use as a template.

Now you want to cut out your figures and save the scrap cardstock as a template for the rest of your invitations.

Using that same template, trace only the top of the figure onto the back of some glittered craft paper and cut it out.

Then using your glue stick, adhere the glitter pieces to the top of your invitation.

Next you want to attach the tulle. Do this by placing one drop of hot glue on the bottom center of the glitter paper and adhering at the center of the tulle.

After it is attached, place a strip of the hot glue across the entire bottom of the glitter paper bunching the tulle on top of it.

Next cut off the excess tulle at the bottom of your card. Then tie a basic shoelace bow with your satin ribbon.

Using your hot glue gun, adhere the bow on top of your gathered tulle and you have your finished project!

How To Change Your Last Name

Now that you tied the knot, it’s time to make it even more official! Changing your name can be stressful if you aren’t aware of all the necessary steps. Also double check you have all of the required documents for each office you’re visiting. We suggest taking one full day to knock out everything at once!

  1. Make sure you have a certified copy of your marriage license to take to each of these places below. Just call your clerk’s office in which your license was filed.
  2. Practice your new signature! You will feel like you are signing your life away after all the papers you are required to sign by doing all of the steps below…. Not to mention the signature on your new driver’s license is stamped on the front for the next decade! So you might as well start practicing that new last name.
  3. Apply for a new Social Security Card. I highly suggest locating your local social security office to take all of the required documents in person. It’s too risky to mail these documents and you risk them getting lost in the mail. Click here to view the required documents, download the name change application and to locate your local social security office.
  4. Get your new driver’s license. Make a trip to your local DMV and make sure to bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate and your old driver’s license. Just so you know, you will be taking a new photo! Make sure to find your state’s DMV website to review required documents and their hours of operation.
  5. Go to your Bank and update your name. You will want to make sure your credit and debit cards match your new driver’s license. Again, make sure to bring your marriage certificate and new license (the paper temporary is fine). You also may want to consider at this time if you and your new husband will be having a joint bank account. Go ahead and order some new checks too with your updated name and address.

Now you have completed all of the urgent and necessary name changing steps! A few other places to consider updating your information and will be much easier:

Passport: Click here for more info

Tag and Title

Car and Health Insurance

Doctor’s offices

Post office

Your house utilities

Voter Registration: You can do this at the DMV when you are getting a new license

Your attorney to update all legal documents